Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does VIP last?

A: VIP, VIP+, VIP++ & MVP are permanent and do not expire. GVIP Is monthly.

Q: Can I gift VIP?

A: Yes, you can. (Make sure you use the recipients Steam64 ID)

Q: Can I transfer my VIP to another account? 

A: No. We do not allow for transfers at this time.

Q: Do my VIPs transfer between US/EU?

A: Yes. VIP Transfers between our US / EU Servers.


Q: Is it a one time payment or monthly?

A: GVIP Is a monthly purchase (Can be cancelled anytime)

Q: Do I get perks on all of FinchoZombie's Servers?

A: Yes. Every rust server we run / own you will get perks on.


Q: Can I buy more than one nametag?

A: No. The chat system is limited to a few tags.

Q: Can I gift Nametags?

A: Yes, you can. (Make sure you use the recipients Steam64 ID)

Q: How do I get unique tags??

A: Make a ticket on our discord, It usually costs 25$.

Disclaimer:  Any purchases made on FinchoZombie's Rust Servers are gladly appreciated. However, take note that if you violate any server rule, mainly pertaining to cheating your account will be terminated, and without refund. Any attempt to refund your package after being banned will result in a case against you on PayPal, and a ban on any account found in the future on our servers. 

Any questions about ToS? Refer to this page;