Global VIP (Monthly)

8.99 USD


*Benefits are different for each server. Please read the sections below describing what you get on each server

Grants user GVIP on FinchoZombie's Battlefield, and The 10x


Gives you a GVIP Tag in chat!


/codelock - Automatically adds a code lock to anything that applies to it.

/backpack Gives you a MASSIVE Bank to store stuff safely 


/horse - Spawns a Horse

/snowmobile - Spawns a Snowmobile

/mycar 2 - 3 - Spawns a Mid-Tier Car

/hab - Spawns a Hot Air Balloon

/rowboat - Spawns a Rowboat

/sedanrail - Spawns a Sedan Rail-Car


/strike call strike PLRNAME

/strike call napalm PLRNAME


No Durability for Weapons, Armor and Tools

/kit vipboom


Gives you a GVIP Tag in chat!

/horse- Spawns a horse for you to ride

/setgenes - Allows you to set plant genes (Info)

/backpack - Gives you three rows to store stuff safely (Backpack is cleared every Wipe)


Queue Skip

25 Daily limit on /Outpost & /Bandit with reduced cooldown 

A VIP+ Kit (Pictured Below) (Also includes all previous VIP kits)