24.99 USD 18.74 USD


Gives you a MVP Tag in chat!


/backpack - Gives you a 42 slot backpack to store stuff safely 

/bombtruck - Spawns a bombtruck to blow up bases


/strike call strike PLRNAME

/strike call napalm PLRNAME


/horse  - Spawns a horse

/snowmobile  - Spawns a Snowmobile

/tomaha  - Spawns a Tomaha Snowmobile

/mycar 2 - 4  - Spawns a High-Tier Car

/scrapheli - Spawns a Scrap Helicopter

/rowboat - Spawns a Rowboat

/rhib - Spawns a RHIB

/solosub - Spawns a Solo Submarine

/duosub - Spawns a Duo Submarine

/workcart - Spawns a Workcart (Train)





Queue Skip

Shorter MyMini Cooldown (5 Seconds)

Lower Teleportation Time

No Durability for Weapons, Armor and Tools